Voyage LA Magazine meets UbuntuFM

UbuntuFM | Voyage LA Magazine

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UbuntuFM's core team interview by VoyageLA Mag We were privileged and honoured to receive an interview request from Voyage LA Magazine just before the year’s ending. Staff member Kris Williams invited us to share our story with them. Once a link has been established, a bond is made.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

We Are UbuntuFM. UbuntuFM is a media organization – virtually based in Johannesburg, South-Africa and built around the ‘Ubuntu’ philosophy of contributing our individual membership towards the wholesomeness of the human community. UbuntuFM originates from South Africa but

House Of Heads

UbuntuFM | Roger D'Arcy | House of Heads interview

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Interview with Roger D'ArcyInterview with Roger D'Arcy on his latest album release 'House of Heads' and much more. Roger D'Arcy is a singer/songwriter from the UK who lives in France.

ONE - Your new release is called ‘House of Heads’. From the title and album cover we might deduce it’s about a house made out of stone adorned with figurines and busts. The lyrics however give the impression that there’s more to the story. Please enlighten us.

The 'House of Heads' is indeed a building of stone, liberally adorned with heads and locally known as the 'Maison des Têtes'. It is the

UbuntuFM meets Dave O Rama

UbuntuFM | The LoveCast with Dave O Rama

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Interview with a schizophonicUbuntuFM's Ikenna Okeh linked up with David Owen Rama, the host and producer of the LoveCast show which is broadcasted on UbuntuFM Radio International every Saturday and Sunday from 3 till 6 PM. Get ready for an interesting read!

Q: Thank you Dave for this interview opportunity and allowing us to pose a few questions. You are a writer, a journalist, a broadcaster, artist, DJ, curator, and musicologist.
How do you manage being all of these in one package?

These are just a variety of areas where I love to spend my time. All of these aspects of myself are connected to one another and all revolve around art and music. So

King of kings

UbuntuFM | King of kings

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Prince of MusicElvis was the king of Rock 'n Roll,  Bob was the king of Reggae, Michael was the king of Pop, B.B. was the king of Blues, Prince was the king of Music.... 

All praises to the King of kings